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Pulsechain ethereum killer

What is Pulsechain? Why is it Important?

By forking Ethereum & its code, the PulseChain blockchain will look to improve Ethereum, making the network faster and more efficient at the same time. 

The Pulsechain fork is the very first full-state fork of Ethereum, and represents a turning point in how we see Ethereum in general. Additionally, all tokens, including currencies and NFTs, residing on the Ethereum Blockchain will also be copied, providing the biggest Airdrop in Blockchain history.

By utilizing 3 second block times, PulseChain increases Ethereum's throughput by 4x. On average, Ethereum blocks take 13 seconds to complete. With PulseChain, the proof of stake validation eliminates the need for proof of work miners, making it more environmentally friendly.

Pulsechain Projects

Here you will find a collection of Blockchain Projects residing on the Pulsechain.

Pulsex Biggest DEX

Pulsex - The Most Liquid DEX on Pulsechain

Pulsex is a Decentralized Exchange [DEX] living on the Pulsechain. PLSX is a Uniswap Fork by Richard Heart and proclaimed to be the Biggest & most liquid DEX in the Pulsechain Ecosystem.

Hedron Hex Stakes

Hedron Pro - Tokenized Hex Stakes

Take advantage of your HEX stake's maturity. Trade it, borrow against it, get free liquidity.

The Flexible way to Stake Hex with the option to liquidate your stake at any given time.

Internet Money Peer to Peer Cash

Internet Money - Peer to Peer Digital Cash on Pulsechain

Internet Money was created to serve as a form of peer to peer "digital cash" on Pulsechain. 

You can buy, sell, and trade IM. No admin keys, taxes or inflation.

Liquidloans Pulsechain

Liquid Loans Pulsechain Lending Protocol

Liquid Loans is the first truly decentralized lending protocol built specifically for Pulsechain. Algorithmic Stablecoin. 110% Collateral Ratio. No Repayment Schedule. Immutable. Governance-Free.

Hex.com - The Blockchains Certificate of Deposit

HEX - The Blockchains Certificate of Deposit

HEX is designed to be a store of value to replace the Certificate of Deposit as the blockchain counterpart of that financial product used in traditional finance.

maximus.cash pulsechain hex hedge

Maximus Cash - Maximum Yield, Instant Liquidity

Maximus is a smart contract for trustless pooling of a max length HEX stakes for higher yield while beeing able to liquidate your stake at any time. The Maximus Contract started the stake on 01.05.22 acumulating a total of 42,104.4380 T-Shares.

Mintra best nft marketplace on pulsechain

Mintra - The Greenest NFT Marketplace

Mintra is a NFT Marketplace on Pulsechain. Buy, Sell & Auction NFT's with close to no Cabon Fingerprint due to Pulsechains POS (Proof of Stake) Blockchain infrastructure.

Hurricash - Tornadocash alternative on pulsechain

Hurricash - Private Transactions on Pulsechain

Hurricash is the first completely decentralized protocol for private transactions on PulseChain. Hurricash improves transaction privacy by breaking the on-chain link between source and destination addresses.

Merkle Network Pulsechain Token

Merkle Network - Web 3.0 Interoperability Protocol

Merkle Network is a Web3.0 interoperability protocol
that enables cross-chain transfers of blockchain assets and data between blockchains. Currently Supporting Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche & Polygon.

Pulseramp bridge

Pulseramp - The Ethereum Pulsechain Bridge

Pulseramp.io is the main Bridge between Ethereum & Pulsechain.

Starting between 24-48h after Pulsechain launch, the bridge will connect assets from Ethereum to the Pulsechain Network.


Nftonpulse - Pulsechain NFT Marketplace

NFTonPulse.io is a decentralized peer-to-peer marketplace. Buy, sell, trade, auction NFTs, and other non-fungible tokens all powered by the Pulse blockchain.

Pulsepad io

Pulsepad - premier IDO platform on PulseChain

PulsePad is the premier IDO platform for projects building on PulseChain — a new ETH sister chain designed to provide an idyllic environment for building powerful applications while simultaneously reducing the load on the Ethereum network.


Freepulse - Onboarding PLS users with free PLS

Freepulse is a community driven, gamified PLS faucet currently operating on Pulsechain Testnet, designed to onboard users to the Pulsechain Blockchain by giving away free PLS tokens to the community in a lottery-like manner. Test it! Its FREE!

Powercity pulsechain core improvements

Powercity - DeFi Ecosystem on Pulsechain

POWERCITY is an ecosystem of projects designed to improve PulseChain for both the community and developers alike. Powercity promises to be an Ecosystem on Pulsechain.ㅤ

Pulseverse.io pulsechain nft marketplace

Pulseverse - Pulsechain NFT Marketplace

$PLSV is the native token of PulseVerse which has a platform fee of 2.5%. 1.5% of these platform fees could go to the stakers of $PLSV and 0.5% for buy-back and burn. Then, 0.5% to a wallet with no expectations.

Logo 1

Love - Micro Tipping, Donations, Live Streaming & More

Love is a cryptocurrency designed for censorship resistance, worldwide adoption and made for the highest possible value appreciation.

Khaos verse pulsechain token

Khaosverse DEX & Pulsechain Bridge

Khaosverse is another entrypoint for Ethereum users to the Pulsechain Ecosystem.

Khaos will also provide a full featured Decentralized Exchange on Pulsechain featuring Khaos Liqudity pools and yield farms.

Defi birds pulsechain

Defibirds - The online auction reimagined for DeFi

BID on packages of ERC-20 tokens and NFTs.
While you're bidding, stake your tokens to earn huge APY rewards.

DeFi at its finest on Pulsechain.

Logo sml

Helgo - is a force of good for HEX

Helgo shares his unprecedented accuracy in local bottom calls and knowledge to people in Telegram groups for free. Helgo's appearances are sudden and unannounced. His bottom calls are frightfully accurate to the day & hour.

One word logo eng

Rentomania - Monopoly-style strategy in 3D

Rentomania, The online Strategy game with rules similar to Monopoly, powered by blockchain technology.

Build your monopoly and compete with other entrepreneurs.

Trustswap logo menuwhite 01

Trustswap - DeFi tools for token holders & businesses

In July 21, Trustswap announced the extention to the PulseChain network once its live. Projects building on PulseChain will be able to take advantage of TrustSwap’s launchpad services, as well as Mint, token vesting, and liquidity locks.

Kira token pulsechain

Kira Token - A Pulsechain PRC-20 Airdrop

KIRA is a safe, simple, baseline, PRC-20 token for PulseChain. Kira features simple design parameters and complete decentralization. Kira is going to be airdropped to all Pulsechain & Pulsex Sacrificers.

Pulseln BTC to Pulsechain Bridge

PulseLN - The Lightning Network BTC - PLS Bridge

PulseLN allows you to swap PLS and lightning network BTC in less than 10 sec. for low fees. PulseChain users can now access 1000s of low cost services on the Lightning Network including Giftcards, Fiat, and more.

Plspeak.com logo

Plspeak - The Web3.0 Social Platform

Plspeak is an information market platform that let users DISCUSS, TRADE on the world’s most highly-debated topics (politics, crypto trend, Sports, world events etc). You can build a portfolio based on your forecasts and earn a return if you are right.

pulselorian pulsechain project

Pulselorian - The PLS Memecoin with Incentives

Pulseorian is a Memecoin on the Pulsechain Network with built-in incentives to hold the token for a longer time period. Reflections, Buy & Burn, Renounced Ownership & many more interesting concepts make Pulseorian stand out.

raydex.com Pulsechain Dex

Raydex - DEX on PulseChain, the Evolution of DeFi

Green, Effecient and Light-speed Blockchain swaps. Next-level liquidity. Friction-less yield. Lighting fast AMM Dex. 

Phiat.io on pulsechain

Phiat - Borrow, Earn, Leverage, Short, Hedge on Pulsechain

Decentralised non-custodial liquidity protocol
Borrow against single tokens + yield bearing assets
Efficient leverage + high % deposit rewards.

Logo 3

Bankx - Stablecoin on Pulsechain

BankX brings a dual token, partially collateralized, partially algorithmic stablecoin to decentralized finance. The stablecoin is the first to pay you interest for minting while it is in circulation while never being at risk of liquidation.

Pulseoxygen.info pulsechain

Pulseoxygen & The Carbon Bonds Market

The world's first backed carbon bond tokenized on Pulse Chain, be able to participate in this growing market through a new and disruptive technology.

Pulsepot Logo

Pulsepot - Get Paid to gamble on Pulsechain

PLSP is a utility & shareholder token. PLSP is limited in supply and deflationary. When you play on Pulsepot, holders of PLSP gets a reduced winners fee based on the total amount tokens the winning wallet is holding at the time the win.

Terrapulse ecosystem

Terrapulse - DeFi protocols on the PulseChain network

 The long-term internal objective of Terrapulse to become its own self-functioning ecosystem of dApps within PulseChain, and $TERRAP to be the centerstage underlying asset.

Logo aqua protocol

Aquaprotocol - bridging the gap between blockchain & reallife

Aqua Protocol is a Defi platform that offers staking and water loans with a focus on creating more opportunities for underserved communities to have access to healthy and clean drinking water.


Hexmarket - Marketplace for Tokenized Hex Stakes

The perfect place to trade tokenized Hedron Hex Stakes on the secondary market.

Hexmarket.com is also coming to Pulsechain!

Pulsedogecoin on pulsechain

Pulsedogecoin - Memecoin Airdrop on Pulechain

Pulsedogecoin is a Memecoin "Airdrop" to be claimed on active Hex Stakes. All Hex stakers with active running stakes can claim a portion of PLSD via pulsedogecoin.app. The smart contract has been audited by countless community members and is deemed safe.

The Biggest Airdrop in Crypto History

PulseChain's airdrop refers to the newly created cryptocurrency tokens & NFT's following the hard fork. The Pulsechain airdrop will be the largest thus far.

When the hard fork occurs, any currency or non-fungible tokens you hold on the Ethereum network will replicate on the PulseChain network.


  • Ethereum eth
    1 HEX Token on Ethereum now
  • Pulsechain ethereum fork
    1 HEX Token on Pulsechain


To give life to the Pulsechain & Pulsex Ecosystem, Richard Heart decided to use an advanced ICO funding strategy to control & distribute the supply of both Pulsechain [ETH FORK] & Pulsex. [UNISWAP FORK] via a "SACRIFICE PHASE".

  • 1

    Pulsechain Sacrifice

    15. July - 03. Aug

    "Sacrificing" is a advanced ICO funding strategy employed by Richard Heart to decide & distribute the supply of an asset. In this case Pulsechain. [The Ethereum POS Fork]

    In the course of the Pulsechain Sacrifice, 25 Million Dollars have been directly donated to the SENS.org foundation which “works to develop, promote, and ensure widespread access to therapies that cure and prevent the diseases and disabilities of aging by comprehensively repairing the damage that builds up in our bodies over time”.

    The Pulsechain Sacrifice was to prove how strong you believe that blockchains are speech and speech is a protected human right.

    Pulschain sacrifice phase
  • 2

    Pulsex Sacrifice

    01. Jan - 25. Feb

    "Sacrificing" is a advanced ICO funding strategy employed by Richard Heart to decide & distribute the supply of an asset. In this case Pulsex. [The UNISWAP DEX Fork]

    The Pulsex Sacrifice was to prove how strongly you believe in the right of human assembly and raised over 1 Billion $ in the course of 55 days.

    Pulsex sacrifice phase
  • 3

    Pulsechain Launch

    Some time in the future.

    Pulsechain Launch, ERC-20 Airdop & Pulsex Dex Launch.

    Hex pulsex pulsechain


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